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Welcome! I'm so glad you are here. My last name can be tricky. It's pronounced EYE-Ke-mah. Imagine your eye marries a comma and you get a little ykema.


After many working years in full-time ministry serving in churches the size of 400-24,000, I now serve an array of leaders, churches and ministry contexts through worship leading, vocal coaching, worship leader coaching, speaking and facilitating gatherings.


In January 2022, I launched the podcast, Darling: Confessions of a Former Megachurch Singer where I host honest conversations that call churches to cultivating healthier environments.


I am an artist and have music released under the project, Hymns of the People and Becky Ykema.

When not on the road, Denver is my home.

Let's EXPLORE how we can work together!

Becky Ykema

Stay in the Know!

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