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You most likely have a gifted leaders on your team already. (Maybe it's you!) Consider investing in the leaders you have by offering them a 3-6 month season of personal coaching.


  • They already attend your church and are invested in the worship ministry.

  • They are already sold out for the mission and vision.

  • They will view your gift of coaching as just that: a gift and an investment in their development. Win win!

1. Coach My Worship Leader

Invest in your worship leaders through:

- having a coach identify the greatest areas of potential growth and impact through conversation with the leader and their supervisor.

- bi-monthly virtual or in-person connects, tackling the goals set from our initial meeting. 

- taking a thorough look at upcoming worship sets and identifying how best to leverage spiritual reflections, use of scripture, and verbal callouts within the songs.

- training on how to increase the musical quality of the band.

- strategizing how to lead well in team conversations and collaborate with the different personalities of your team. 


For more information, click HERE.

2. Coach My Vocalist(s)

Through virtual or in-person team or individual coaching, Becky invests in vocalists through:

- teaching on vocal health.

- training the ear to listen, blend, and find harmonies.

- coaching on how to comfortably embody worship on stage.

- identifying and teaching how to use the many tools of a voice to add color, texture and dynamic to the song.

- specifically running the upcoming music and preparing well for Sunday.


For more information, click HERE.

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