Darling: Confessions of a Former Megachurch Singer is a podcast
of real stories, confessions and conversation that pull from a
variety of church contexts. We are committed to conversations
that will enlighten and encourage the influencers of worship
cultures in order to cultivate healthy churches and teams.  

Is there a topic you hope we cover on the podcast? Is there a story you have and want to anonymously share with our audience? If so, please email us at darlingthepodcast@gmail.com.
This is better when we collaborate together.

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Episode 1: Introductions!


Episode 2: Leading Through Change Well


Episode 3: Pastors vs. Music vs. Production... Why Can't We Be Friends?

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Episode 4: Cultivating Creativity


Episode 5: Moving the Room


Episode 6: A Lead Pastor's Perspective


Episode 7: People As Props

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Episode 8: Why I Left


Episode 9: Keep Calm and Produce On

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Episode 10: Cultivating a Multicultural Community

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Episode 11:
How To Create Vision

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Episode 12:
Let's Talk Tracks and Autotune!

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Episode 13: 
Why The Collective Matters

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Episode 16:
Dear Interim Leader

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Episode 19: 
What We Are Seeing In Worship

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Episode 14:
Church As Gymnasium

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Episode 17: 
On Resurrection

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Episode 15:
False Narratives That Define Us

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Episode 18: 
Rethinking Communication

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Episode 20:
Season 1 Wrap Up and a Blessing