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  • Becky Ykema

A Poem for Mother's Day 2021



Birthing something into the world necessitates a few things,

a shifting,

a reordering of priorities,

a letting go in order to pick up,

a sacrifice.

as a woman births a new life into the world she must

get quiet,


forsake all else in the moment and give her all to the

one life-altering task at hand.

she must be brave.

she has no margin for “how do I look?” or “did I offend?”

she must command,

let go,

bear down,




I find myself in a chapter of birthing new things.

Not another life, but perhaps my own.

The will is there, the focus must meet.

And so I shift.

I reorder.

I let go in order to pick up.

I sacrifice.

I get quiet.

I forsake all else in the moment and give my all to the

one-life task of bringing new things into this world.

The work is worthy and it starts from within.

My song is a life-spark.

Let the birthing begin.

- B. Ykema 2021

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