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  • Becky Ykema

The Most Important Thing You Can Do This Week

Leaders, I write to you from the perspective of a worship leader, but truly, I think this message translates to most fields. Production teams, marketing, sales, engineers, pastors, you name it.

For months, I have been asked at least twice a week if I know someone who can fill in as a worship leader for them. The need is huge right now. And while I think much of it is due to the Great Resignation and the shaking and stirring coming out of the pandemic, I also believe we are seeing a deficit in built benches. Leaders have not been investing in their people. But the good news is, it's never too late to start!


Identify the volunteers, interns, high school and college students nearby who are in your area of field and want to learn how to do what you do but haven't yet been given the opportunity.

Here's the example from my stream of work...

Worship leaders, do you have a vocalist on your team who has a great voice but a shy stage presence? Invest an hour out of your week to grow his confidence and give him examples of how to hold his mic, look out and address the crowd.

Do you have a vocalist who would like to learn how to play guitar but doesn't know how to start? Consider spending an hour over lunch with her once a week for a couple months to get her started on the basics of the instrument. Then give her some goals to work toward like: "Cassie, in one month, record video of yourself singing and strumming the song O Come To The Altar, and then we'll give you another goal."

Give your developing leaders goals and mile markers in their skills.

Give the shy vocalist guy verse 2 of a song to lead out on. Encourage, evaluate, offer helpful feedback, then give him a verse and a chorus to lead next time. Keep it going.

LEADERS of LEADERS: Ex. Lead Pastor to a Worship Leader or CEO to a CSE

Consider cultivating an environment that values the developing leader. We never want to forsake a great "product" or "delivery," but what happens next time your leader calls on a Saturday night and says they have COVID?

Building that bench matters most.

Leader development doesn't happen overnight. It's a slow going investment, like watering a plant from seed to sprout to bloom. We must cultivate a fertile soil for the seed to safely sprout. We must protect and feed and not neglect. Start this week. Start today. Start now.


-Identify who is on your bench (or who could be).

-Reach out and ask if they'd like to be developed.

-In bite-sized amounts, pass along the knowledge and skill you have.

-Offer helpful feedback and take the risk to give them opportunity, just as you were given.

-Watch them become your most trusted and valuable players.

If you'd like to talk more about personalized coaching, please don't hesitate to reach out. My most favorite thing is coming alongside pastors, worship leaders and volunteer team members for a few months in honing their skills. We can talk about what this can look like for you and your team. But regardless, go now, today, and start building your bench!

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