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Unlock your full potential as a worship leader today. 


This group coaching is uniquely designed for any woman who regularly leads worship on-stage in a ministry context. 

This group includes worship leaders, directors, pastors on staff and high-capacity volunteers who lead worship as a part of their role.  


  • Dates: Beginning January 9, 2024 and  ending May 28, 2024

  • Virtual Coaching Cost: $1499 

  • Optional but Highly Recommended Concluding On-Site Retreat (details below)


Whether you are developing into becoming a worship leader with the hopes of a

vocational ministry position, or have been leading worship for 20+ years, this group

is designed to foster community and personal leadership development for those

who want to fast-track their growth alongside others. 


This coaching experience will equip you with real tools and strategies to help you gain competence and confidence in your worship leadership. Each month, you will walk away from the group Zoom call and personal 1:1 followup call with tools you can implement immediately within your context. The monthly content is carefully designed to connect on broad topics (see below), to then be fine-tuned to your specific needs and context in your monthly 1:1 calls. 


The following topics will be covered in our monthly calls, accompanied by light reading material. 

  • Find Your Voice - We will learn how to lead in a way that is authentic to you.  From verbals, prayers, transitions, to leading meetings, we will work on identifying your voice. 

  • Show Up - We will discuss how to show up and appropriately take up space within our ministry contexts. We will dive into the benefit of being a proactive rather than reactive leader, and will identify when we are susceptible to a victim mentality.

  • Clarify Your Culture - We will identify what makes your worship team or church special, what you want your team to be known for, and how this shapes the ministry opportunity you invite others into as you grow your team.

  • Crucial Conversations - We will discuss how to have them and lead through them with high EQ, kindness and clarity.

  • Band Speak - We will learn the basics of each instrument and a variety of overarching technical terms in order to communicate well with our band members.


What's Included:

  • 5 monthly 75 minute group zoom calls. Each call will present new, customizable tools to help you in your ministry role.

  • 5 monthly 1:1 coaching calls with Becky Ykema to address what matters most to you. 

  • Optional in-person gathering at the conclusion of the 5 months. (Travel arrangements and hotel costs are additional and detailed below. Food costs are included in the coaching fee.)

  • All resources: A digital folder of downloadable tools and recordings of all zoom calls.



Our Coaching Group will conclude with an in-person gathering June 3-4, 2023 in Denver, CO in a beautiful rented home with the 10-15 individuals who have shared this Group Coaching experience together.

This is optional but highly recommended. 

  • Travel Expenses will be separate and the responsibility of the leader. Each leader will be responsible for booking their travel to the AirBnb via flight or driving.

  • Lodging: The group will stay together at an AirBnB, which helps keep costs to a minimum if you choose to stay with the group.

  • The in-person retreat will run from 1pm on a Monday, June 3, 2024 and conclude at 4pm on Tuesday, June 4, 2023 (two days, one overnight).

  • The AirBnB will be available Sunday-Thursday should any leader choose to extend their trip. The housing cost will cover their room and meals for the entire time.
    These options are available to each attendee, based on the number of preferred nights to stay.
    • $100 (for 1 night stay)  • $160 (for 2 nights stay)   • $220 (for 3 nights stay Sun - Wed) 


Don't let the challenges of your role hold you back.

Join the Female Worship Leader Group Coaching today!

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